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ODDS is a blockchain gambling platform for gambling.

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Project industryGambling & Betting
Product typePlatform

What is ODDS

ODDS is a gambling platform utilizing the latest blockchain technology to increase player protection, improve fairness, automate compliance and enhance regulatory oversight. ODDS provides a complete suite of tools and services that enable operators to build highly compliant, socially responsible gaming platforms. With every bet, roll, spin or toss ODDS automatically carries out over 150 player protection and compliance checks. ODDS platform ensures transparency, fairness and most importantly privacy for the entire gambling ecosystem. All tools have been built for mass public adoption, removing the need for players (and operators) to understand blockchain technologies and processes.


Token supply: 6,000,000,000


Blockchain Platform: Proprietary
Registration country: United States
Registration year: 2018

Token info

Ticker: OODS
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 OODS = 0.01 USD
Token distribution:
15% - Team, Advisors & Founders
15% - Marketing & Sales
60% - Investors & Token Sales
7% - Long term budget
3% - Social responsibility
Funds allocation:
40% - Product & Service Development
20% - Legal, Accounting & Compliance
20% - Sales & Marketing
5% - Social Responsibility
10% - Long Term Budget
5% - Partnerships

ODDS Roadmap

2018 H1

Business formation
Concept UI/UX
Advisory board structure
Infrastructure creation
Compliance portal launch
Focus group creation
Whitepaper release

2018 Q4

Private sale launch
Technology whitepapers
Build Impar alpha version
ODDS website launch
Team & advisor expansion
Community outreach

2019 Q1

Impar alpha launch
Pre-ico sale
Technology roadmap planning
ODDSchain closed alpha
Team & advisor expansion
Oracle Network simulation
ODDS tokens distributed

2019 Q2

ODDSchain testnet launch
Identity management alpha launch
Oracle Network alpha launch
Arbitration alpha launch
ODDSwallet launch
Impar beta Launch

2019 Q3

ODDSchain node programme
Block explorer launch
OVCS toolkit launch
Launch of developer SDKs
Token & Asset management alpha
Partnership programme launch

2020 Q1

Public sale / token swap
ODDSchain mainnet launch
Impar launch
Identity management launch
Oracle Network launch
Arbitration launch
OVCS marketplace launch
Token & Asset management alpha

Project team

Thomas Larkin
Thomas Larkin
Chief Operating Officer
Thomas Larkin linkedin
Gary Francis
Gary Francis
Chief Technical Officer
Gary Francis linkedin
Matthew Rush
Matthew Rush
Chief Communications Officer
Matthew Rush linkedin
Kristal Oknefski
Kristal Oknefski
Compliance Manager
Kristal Oknefski linkedin
Ryan Conner
Ryan Conner
Community Manager
Ryan Conner linkedin


Derek Woo
Derek Woo
Marketing Advisor
Derek Woo linkedin
Noah Cohen
Noah Cohen
International Business Advisor
Noah Cohen linkedin
Frank Bachurski
Frank Bachurski
Business Strategy Advisor
Frank Bachurski linkedin

Social media

ODDS web-siteODDS RedditODDS TelegramODDS LinkedInODDS TwitterODDS Facebook

User rating:

5/5 ( 1 )

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