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Cypher solves the complexity of money movement in Web3 by offering the world’s first fully comprehensive Web3 financial ecosystem: one wallet for everything in Web3. Users can easily purchase and manage crypto across multiple chains and easily connect to any Web3 application within multiple ecosystems, without the need for separate wallets.

Seed Round: $4.3 Million

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Project industryExchanges & Wallets
Product typeApp

What is Cypher Wallet

Cypher is a Multi-chain crypto wallet focused on EVM+Cosmos chains with an in-built bridge & a Non-Custodial Crypto Card. We provide features like Bridging, Staking, Buying Crypto directly from a bank account, in-app web3 browser to connect and explore dApps, Importing and Creating new wallets etc.

Cypher users will be the sole owners and controllers of their own assets. In other words, no third-party entity can seize, freeze, use, or access user assets.


Raised: 4,300,000 USD


Registration country: United States
Registration year: 2021

Project team

Kuberan Marimuthu
Kuberan Marimuthu
CEO & Founder
Kuberan Marimuthu linkedin
Eric Han
Eric Han
Head of Ops
Eric Han linkedin
Rakshith Mahadevaiah
Rakshith Mahadevaiah
Head of Engineering - Global
Rakshith Mahadevaiah linkedin
Sedhuraja Nallayan
Sedhuraja Nallayan
Head of Engineering - India
Sedhuraja Nallayan linkedin
Konka Shanthan
Konka Shanthan
Konka Shanthan linkedin
Ishita Pandey
Ishita Pandey
Product Marketing Manager
Ishita Pandey linkedin

Social media

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