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Jan 01, 2019 – Sep 07, 2019
Upcoming ICO
Token sale: Sep 09, 2019 – Sep 09, 2020

SmartRiyal bridges the gap between technology and human lives. SmartRiyal is a state-of-the-art AI-enabled platform that utilizes machine learning and blockchain technology to revolutionize the way people live and do business.

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Project industry Exchanges & Wallets
Product type Platform
Founded Singapore


The CryptoRiyal project is an ambitious work that involves a variety of sub projects with the aim to revolutionize the use of Artificial Intelligence and technology in designing the modern Smart Cities. The SmartRiyal platform and the CryptoRiyal token (sign: CR) are innovative means of trade, payment and the underpinnings of technological advances especially developed to fulfill the needs of the businesses and residents of any Smart City.

CryptoRiyal tokens can be transferred from one electronic wallet to another, kept and saved or converted into fiat money or to other crypto-currencies on the SmartRiyal platform. SmartRiyal is built to enable fiat-to-crypto, crypto-to-crypto and data-to-crypto transfers based off the Ethereum Blockchain. SmartRiyal is accessible by anyone, everywhere and presents the ultimate solution for avoiding time-consuming face-to-face meetings for money transfers, expensive money transfers via banks and money transfer agencies or trust issues, due to the smart contract implemented in the system and the fully protected encryption method of the Blockchain. CryptoRiyal Investment platform brings the power of crowdfunding to enable token holders to list investment opportunities on the platform and seek investors.

Further, SmartRiyal leverages advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to collect, process and learn from data which users transmit and to generate real time recommendations to them in every sector relating to business and technological activities. The CryptoRiyal token supports all the financial requirements that are derived from the futuristic vision and characteristics of Smart Cities and provides the state-of-the-art technological solution for all target sectors, as well as to any other financial, economic or business need.

The CryptoRiyal token leveraging its Artificial Intelligence platform - SmartRiyal - aims at forming a new, fully secure and rapid monetary standard – serving every transaction from services and goods provided within it, imported and exported, to long term investments in its businesses and technological ventures. Further, the CryptoRiyal will enable both individuals and organizations to monetize their data, to profit from sharing or staking it and to be able to receive insights from the cumulative data that the system collects and analyzes by applying advanced Artificial Intelligence techniques. The reward will be in the form of CryptoRiyal tokens paid to data contributors for the data streams that they share.

The data collected from the IoT devices is processed in SmartRiyal which uses AI and Machine Learning algorithms to transform data into recommendations and insights for users. Users purchase subscription to the recommendation system by paying with CryptoRiyal tokens (these can be data or external users) and gain access to insights. This advanced platform can assist in continuously analyzing and improving every aspect of operations, from better farming through shortening queues to amusement parks to development of new medicines based on data on physical and medical attributes.

CryptoRiyal will be traded, converted, transferred and distributed over the SmartRiyal platform — an online, Blockchain powered system that will continuously operate the following activities:

  • Distributed collection of data from data contributors in an anonymous form with Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP)
  • Rewards (in the form of CryptoRiyal tokens) allocated to data contributors in return for data received from them
  • Exchange of cryptocurrencies-to-CryptoRiyal and vice versa and support of the conversion to/from multiple cryptocurrencies
  • Exchange of fiat-to-CryptoRiyal and vice versa and support of the conversion to/ from multiple fiat currencies
  • Fully automated processing of the data (including historical records) by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques and generation of business and technological insights and recommendations via predictive analytics models
  • Distribution of the insights and recommendations generated by the system to business subscribers and receipt of CryptoRiyal tokens for them
  • Support of monetary transactions in purchase of products and services, including mobile and point-of-sale (POS) integrations.
  • These functions, as well as other forms of financial uses that will evolve over time, will utilize the CryptoRiyal and the SmartRiyal platform. By doing this the economic activities and financial transactions will be underpinned for Smart Cities from its very early stages of establishment and through its ongoing growth lead to the world’s most advanced mega-cities. All these activities (and many others that will be developed in the future) are based on the following economic forms: CryptoRiyal Exchange, CryptoRiyal Growth, CryptoRiyal Insights and CryptoRiyal Community.

    ICO Details

    ICO token supply: 980,000,000 CR
    Total tokens for sale: 2,000,000,000 CR
    Soft cap: 30,000,000 USD
    Hard cap: 70,000,000 USD


    ICO Platform: Ethereum
    Country limitations: USA
    Registration country: Singapore
    Registration year: 2018
    Office address: Ressos Legal Pte Ltd 10 Anson
    Road, #23-05A
    International Plaza
    Singapore 079903

    Token info

    Ticker: CR
    Type: Utility-token
    Token standard: ERC20
    Accepted currencies: USD , BTC, ETH , Credit Card
    Token distribution:
    Token Sale - 33%
    Advisory - 5%
    Bounty - 1%
    Team - 10%
    SmartRiyal, CryptoRiyal Exchange and Investment Platform - 25%
    CryptoRiyal Treasury - 26%
    Funds allocation:
    Team - 15%
    Community developers - 5%
    Airdrop/bounty - 10%
    Development - 21%
    Private sale - 10%
    Presales - 20%
    ICO start - 19%

    Offices on the map

    Cryptoriyal (CR) ICO Roadmap

    September 2018

    Website and sales platform development

    November 2018

    Smart contract creation

    Dec 2018-Dec 2020

    Token sale

    May 2019

    Airdrop Crypto exchange

    June 2019


    August 2019

    Smart farm and smart laboratory development

    September 2019

    Other areas development

    Project team

    Chief Legal Officer in Cryptoriyal (CR) ICO - 1
    Dr. Alexander Ressos
    Chief Legal Officer
    Director Of Business Developement in Cryptoriyal (CR) ICO - 2
    Talal Khan
    Director Of Business Developement
    Chief Strategy Officer in Cryptoriyal (CR) ICO - 3
    Majdi Abdulaziz
    Chief Strategy Officer
    Chief of Logistic and partners relation in Cryptoriyal (CR) ICO - 4
    Nasser Al Harathy
    Chief of Logistic and partners relation
    Blockchain Engineer in Cryptoriyal (CR) ICO - 5
    Mohammad Abusitta
    Blockchain Engineer
    Marketing Specialist in Cryptoriyal (CR) ICO - 6
    Andrey Romanov
    Marketing Specialist
    Project Manager in Cryptoriyal (CR) ICO - 7
    Maxim Kovalchuk
    Project Manager
    Fullstack Developer in Cryptoriyal (CR) ICO - 8
    Vijayta Bhatt
    Fullstack Developer
    Project Lead in Cryptoriyal (CR) ICO - 9
    Vishal Waman
    Project Lead


    Advisory CTO in Cryptoriyal (CR) ICO - 10
    Fahad Khan
    Advisory CTO
    Senior Security Advisor in Cryptoriyal (CR) ICO - 11
    Dan Litwak
    Senior Security Advisor
    General Advisor in Cryptoriyal (CR) ICO - 12
    Saleh Al Ansari
    General Advisor
    Media Advisor in Cryptoriyal (CR) ICO - 13
    Metallag Youcef
    Media Advisor
    Game Development Advisor in Cryptoriyal (CR) ICO - 14
    Eugene Dyatlov
    Game Development Advisor
    Business Development Advisor in Cryptoriyal (CR) ICO - 15
    Yuen Wong
    Business Development Advisor
    Business Development Advisor in Cryptoriyal (CR) ICO - 16
    Alfred LEE
    Business Development Advisor

    Social media

    Web-site Reddit Medium YouTube Telegram Instagram btctalk Twitter Facebook slack github

    User rating:

    5/5 ( 1 )

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    Width: 160 px

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