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UnfoldU (UNFLD)
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UnfoldU is AI powered school education focused educational platform. UnfoldU is focused on the emerging markets and has plans to expand into the developed ec ...

Start date
Feb 17, 2020
End date
Apr 10, 2020

ICOs list: Education industry

The world is rapidly evolving and experiencing tremendous technological advancements. This means that individuals need to catch up with various trends of education. For instance, the advancement in the blockchain, ICO, and cryptocurrencies are facilitating the acquisition of necessary knowledge and skills on how different technologies operate.

Online-learning infrastructures have been developed to help people receive their degree and certification in the comfort of their own home. That way employees can continue to work and obtain a degree without having to quit their job to live on campus. Thus it can help saving a lot of money and time. The current reality in technological advancements and evolution requires continuous learning. Different e-learning platforms are using ICO, cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies to offer the best educational experience. A large number of Education Technology entrepreneurs are using this market trends to bridge the existing gap between traditional education and online learning.

Blockchain is mainly focused on facilitating transactions in the financial sector by being a digital ledger. However, blockchain is currently used in the education sector by assisting in the book and article publications, assignment or course completion. There are three characteristics that make blockchain applicable to the education industry. First, blockchain stimulates both the reward and education systems. Second, blockchain increases the reliability of the credentials. Lastly, it enables safe upkeep and easy accessibility of learning records. There are different e-learning education centers using the ICO (initial coin offering) and cryptocurrency technologies. First, Afterschool based in UAE with a 4.4 ICO bench rate is a global kid. It’s an activity institution that enables parents to discover, plan and book the most appropriate afterschool summer camps and leisure activities for their children.Service providers on this platform project are able to engage with new users and provide exceptional services to their clients.

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